Last week, I was prescribed with a new pair of Tom Ford spectacles by the good eye doctor, Martin Reynolds in Bishop’s Stortford. For your information, ‘Storty’ is a market town, located directly next to Stansted Airport. I grew up there. It is my hometown.

Looking up at the blue skies, as passenger and cargo planes ascended over my primary school, on their journeys to exotic locations, I dreamt of one day becoming an airline pilot. This sadly was not to be, due to not having the required visionary excellence. As an adolescent, I wrote many times to Jim’ll Fix It, but always got the same message scrawled in ‘teenage’ handwriting, over the front of the returned, unopened envelope containing my correspondence….


"Busy doing WHAT!?" I used to exclaim to my Mum. So with that early set back to shape my future, I had to settle on becoming a press photographer instead.

Now then, now then, hopefully with these new sight facilitators, I shall become way more focused. This is kind of a photography reference, mixed with an opticians joke. Either way, I am explaining the joke now, which is not what I wanted for this paragraph.

Anyway…the spectacles in question are a hybrid of Morrissey and Woody Allen. In fact, as I happily type this blog post out on my iPhone, I am singing ‘What Difference Does It Make’ in the most neurotic manner. So they are working.

Which is quite a sight…..