Meanwhile, in my hometown Bishop’s Stortford, there is a grave crisis. People are dying in their droves. The answer: Double Decker Graves! #news via @hertsessexobserver (at Herts and Essex Observer)

Found Vivian Maier in London. Brilliant.

Film showed up the factual flaws of the BBC Imagine programme too.

Question is, would Vivian have been an iPhonographer?

On the evidence of her employers & children she used to Nanny, she probably would have an iPhone & prolifically take a shed load of pictures on it…but never uploaded any to Instagram, or anywhere for that matter.

Won’t spoil it, go see it ASAP!

Behind the scenes at American Vogue, 1946 from Victoria and Albert Museum on Vimeo.

Showing clips from the publication house’s cutting room floor, as well as editors at work, this never-before-seen footage shot from late 1946 to early 1947 gives a fascinating insight into the history of fashion publishing.

This film is comprised of outtakes from the documentary Fashion Means Business. Dorian Leigh models the latest
American designs in the Condé Nast studio for Horst and his assistant Vassilov, overseen by Vogue editors Muriel Maxwell and Priscilla Peck. The photographs are selected with editor Jessica Daves and art director Alexander Liberman, and the page layout finalised with Marcel Guillaume and Liberman.

With permission from HBO Archives/The March of Time. Provided by Condé Nast Archive

The exhibition Horst: Photographer of Style opens at the V&A 6 September 2014 – 4 January 2015

Portraits of the victims of the siege on School No 1. The gym is now a makeshift memorial. (Photo by Diana Markosian) Alex Badoyev, 17 stands in the room where his father was shot and killed. Badoyev and his parents were among the hostages taken that day. (Photo by Diana Markosian) Aslan Shavlakhov. 1998-2004. A blood stained undershirt found after the attack. (Photo by Diana Markosian)


Beslan School Siege, 10 Years Later

On Sept. 1, 2004, 1,200 students were taken hostage during a back-to-school event in Beslan, North Ossetia, a Russian republic. Two days later, about 330 hostages were dead, more than half of them children. Reportage photographer Diana Markosian visited Beslan in advance of the anniversary and her resulting photographs - of survivors, the school and the graves of the dead - were published in Time Lightbox over the weekend, accompanied by an essay by Katya Cengel.

"Beslan is considered one of the conflict’s greatest travesties against the innocent," writes Cengel. "But a decade later the world has moved on. Residents of this little North Caucasus town have not, partly because important questions remain unanswered: How many terrorists escaped? What caused the explosion that lead to the storming of the school?"

See the feature on Time Lightbox.

(Photos by Diana Markosian)

Beslan School Seige: 10 Years Later - feature by photojournalist Diana Markosian via reportagebygettyimages #photojournalism

Just been trying out the new Google Photo Sphere app this afternoon at the Tower Of London with varying results, but this is the best one. The main problem is if you have loads of people around you who are on the move, as it captures individual frames rather than a single panoramic. Apart from it being a bit random with that problem, it’s great, especially the stitching & processing afterward which I thought would be really inconsistent. Google want you to map the world for them now. Try it out for yourself! (at Tower of London)